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   The flow of seed into the metering unit can be controlled by individually adjustable

   blanking plates which also serve to stop seed flow should a unit need to blanked off.

   If it is intended to use the drill for only grass and small seeds, it can be supplied with

   fluted type rollers. (These can be purchased and fitted separately if needed)

   The sowing shaft and rollers can be removed  easily if required for cleaning

   or service and storage.

   The bottom flaps on the metering units are adjustable to accommodate different seed

   sizes, and are made of stainless steel to protect against damage or rodent attack.

   These  bottom flaps can be supplied as individually adjustable (for multi-seeding) or

   adjustable as one fixed unit (grass and cereals)

Drive to the metering system is by a variable speed drive box, which also has 2 output ratios for low and high seed rates. The drive-box is infinitely variable across its range and allows for very fine “micro” adjustment of seed rate.

The unit runs on sealed bearings and requires no oil or other maintenance during work.

Drive to the box is taken by chain from the left hand land wheel, and features a clutch for on/off control of seeding on trailed models.

Standard Coulters are tine type, which are very hard wearing and will suit most soil types. They work well in pre-prepared land but are also capable of cutting into the ground if the conditions are suitable e.g. when patching crop damage in established crops.

As an alternative, we can supply the drill fitted with “knife edge” coulters which are very effective for over seeding into existing grass

leys. Their narrow leading edge will cut a small slit deep enough to allow grass seed to establish amongst the existing sward. These coulters will also work as a normal coulter in prepared seed beds and are good for finer seeds.

On trailed drills the coulters are raised and lowered (under force) by an electric actuator, powered from the towing vehicles electrics. This is a powerful unit and can raise a 2mtr drill off the ground on its coulters.

Mounted drills use a screw type adjuster to vary the sowing depth, and are raised fully out of work on the hydraulic linkage.

In both cases, the coulters are loaded via a control bar that exerts pressure through a spring onto the coulter arm. This can be varied from light to heavy and also allows coulters to follow ground contours.

Whilst drills up to 2 Mtr wide can be towed by most larger ATVs and UTVs, the 3Mtr models are only available as mounted machines and can only be fitted to a Cat 1 or Cat 2 three point linkage. Due to their light weight construction they can be used with tractors of around 35 H.P. upwards, depending on lift capacity and also the terrain that they are working on.

The 3 Mtr drills are badged as “ VEGA” models, and have a different chassis and hopper shape with screw type depth adjustment.

Like their smaller counterparts, they can be supplied with wide or narrow row spacings and also have independent front/rear coulter depth adjustment. This is particularly useful when used for sowing cover crops allowing deep and shallow sowing in the same pass.

The coulter springs may be released to allow the coulters to float without pressure. This is particularly useful when sowing smaller seeds, which may be broadcast into the soil as it is moved by the coulters, giving just a light cover of soil.

As standard, the rear bank of coulters are fitted with spring covering tines to help achieve seed cover and leave a level finish. These are easily removed if not required.

Individual coulters may also be easily raised and held out of work if not used. This allows for wide row sowing and also inter-row sowing.

Rear coulters are fitted as standard with spring covering tines.

Super Sow-Lite  ATV Seed Drills

A choice of metering roller is available. For most jobs our standard pegged roller is more than capable of handling most seed types from fine (rape ~ kale) up to large seeds like maize and beans.


 Various coulter options including knife coulters for grass over seeding

 Bout Markers

 Fine Seed Rollers

 Covering Blades and Press Wheels (For Maize)

 Alternative Tyre Patterns  

 Special Drive Box Ratios

  Full Width Covering Harrow

  End Tow Kit

  High Speed Road Transporter

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